Boost Mobile vs Amaysim

Summary: Boost Mobile and Amaysim are both great choices for your telco service, but which is best bang for your buck? We take a closer look to find out.

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If you’re looking for an alternative to the big four telcos in Australia, you’ve probably considered two of the most popular MVNO choices: Boost Mobile and Amaysim. But what is the difference between these two solid options?

Network vs network

The first and most important difference is that Boost and Amaysim operate on different networks. Boost operates in partnership with Telstra and runs on the Next G network. This is known as a 3.5G network with download speeds up to 42Mbps.

Amaysim is an Optus network reseller, meaning that you get all of the coverage benefits of being with Optus, but download speeds are limited to only 7.2Mbps.

In the real world, this should be a pretty significant difference in download speeds. Based on previous experience, a customer experience on Boost should consistently be three or four-times faster than Amaysim. It will fall a long way short of 42Mbps, but it will still be a far bit faster.

Importantly, this only affects network speed, not coverage generally. Boost and Amaysim customers should have the same experience as Telstra and Optus customers using the same phones in the same areas. Choosing an MVNO service provider doesn’t mean you get sub-par service.

Unlimited plans

One of the key selling points for both Boost and Amaysim is that both offer an ‘Unlimited’ plan, offer unlimited calls and SMS plus a hunk of data each month. While Amaysim may have slower download speeds, it certainly offers more bang for your buck each month.

Even cheaper?

For customers looking to spend less on their mobile plans, Amaysim offers an As-You-Go option, as well as the Amaysim ‘Flexi’ plan for $19.90 per month. Both options offer low-cost calling and messages (12c call/text with PAYG and 9c call/text on Flexi) and the flexible to switch to a different carrier at the end of the month.

Boost works a bit differently. Rather than offering cheaper plans, it offers shorter connection periods for lower cost. For example, $20 will buy you unlimited calls and messages, plus 1GB data, but it expires after only 15 days. This is good short, once-off use or top ups, or for people on fortnightly pay cycles, but it is difficult to see why a long-term customer would use this option.

A new phone?

Both Boost and Amaysim are primarily SIM-only service providers, but both also offer the option to buy a new phone.

Boost currently offer two pre-paid mobile options, with customers able to pick either an LG L5 II, or a Sony Xperia M — both under $200 each at the time of writing.

Amaysim, on the other hand, has partnered with mobile phone importer Mobicity to add phones to its website. This gives Amaysim customers a huge range of handsets to choose from, all of which need to purchased upfront.

Noteworthy alternatives...


If you’re looking to spend $40 per month on your phone bill, maybe you’d like to spend $20 instead? MVNO Vaya is another Optus reseller and offers a plan for $18 per month which includes $650 worth of calls and text and 1.5GB data.

Vaya has one massive Ace up its sleeve in that it offers its customers 4G services at no extra cost.


All of the plans above are great for people looking to make loads of calls and texts to other phones in Australia, but if you also phone overseas you might want to consider Lebara. This phone company has built its reputation on overseas calling, and now has expanded its services to include a number of SIM-only phone products powered by the Vodafone network.

There are a few price options, but the Mega Plans are the best place to start looking. Each comes with unlimited calls and messages, 2GB data for use in Australia, plus a differing amount of call credit that can be used for calling phones outside of Australia.


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