Netflix day one launch might not be what Aussies expect

09 January 2015

Amid leaked information that Netflix will officially launch on March 31 and charge $9.99 per month for one of its plans, some unfortunate but expected information has been hinted at. Todd Yellin, Netflix Vice President of Production Innovation, is quoted in the SMH as making references to a possibly underwhelming offering at launch.

“[Australians] shouldn't look at it as, 'This is what you get at Netflix?' when they look at the catalogue on day one. They should look at, 'Wow! This is what I get now, and that thing is just going to keep growing and getting better and better'."

The intimation is that the library of content will be limited at first, but “improve on day 30, and day 90, or every couple of weeks” as time goes by. This is no real surprise. Foxtel already holds the rights to a lot of our favourite shows in Australia, and even a global giant the likes of Netflix will have trouble finding ways around that.

Mr Yellin was reportedly unwilling to comment on the validity of the rumoured launch date and plan pricing, although Netflix has confirmed in the past that it would hit Aussie homes sometime in March this year.

Now the real question is: can Australians’ connections and broadband plans handle it? Streaming the occasional HD YouTube video is one thing. Consuming masses of HD movies and TV shows over your internet connection is another. If you are planning to sign up to Netflix, or any of the newer streaming services coming out, make sure your connection and your monthly download cap are up to the task.

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