Telstra’s new bundles save you cash with Foxtel

19 May 2014

Telstra has unleashed a range of new broadband bundles today: Home, Entertainer Super and Entertainer Supreme. The Home packages include just broadband and landline, while the Entertainer packages offer a free Telstra T-Box + a Foxtel on T-box Get Started package for Super, or a full Platinum Foxtel subscription for Supreme subscribers.

Both the Super and Supreme packages will save you a bit of cash compared to signing up to these services plus a Home bundle separately.

Home bundles

Home bundles include broadband and landline. You can also enjoy free unlimited calls from said landline to up to 4 mobile devices on the same Telstra account. A further $50 of mobile allowance can be added to the same (or a different) 4 mobile devices on that account.

The Home bundles are $80, $100, $130 and $150 per month respectively.

Entertainer Super bundles

Entertainer Super packages have everything that Home offers with the addition of a Telstra T-Box valued at $360 and the Get Started package for Foxtel on T-Box, which is regularly priced at $19.50 per month. The combination of these two over 24 months would normally come to $828. With this bundle you’ll be paying just $480 in that time-frame, which is a neat saving of $348.

Unfortunately, the cheapest Super bundle doesn’t include the Foxtel on T-Box Get Started package, but you do still get the unit itself for pausing, recording and rewinding free to air TV, or accessing over 7000 movies and TV shows to rent from Telstra. The Super 10GB bundle is $10 per month more than the 10GB Home option. Ultimately you’ll be getting the T-Box for $240 over two years, which is more than 30% off its regular price.

Entertainer Supreme bundles

Entertainer Supreme includes a full Platinum Package for regular Foxtel from Telstra. This is fully-fledged Foxtel with all the trimmings.

Once again the cheapest 10GB option is an outlier. It is much cheaper compared to its Home bundle than the others, but only offers the Foxtel Essentials package rather than the Platinum, so we’ll compare it separately.

Currently, a regular unbundled Platinum Package from Foxtel is $99 for the first 6 months and then $124 every month thereafter. Over 24 months this comes to $2860.

When held up against the Home bundles, the Entertainer Supreme options are $110 more expensive per month, which may sound like a lot but it actually works out to be cheaper in the long-term. Over 24 months the difference comes to $2640, which is a saving of $186. It’s not much, but it’s something that you may as well consider if you were going for Platinum anyway.

The 10GB Entertainer Supreme package affords you the basic Foxtel Essentials package. It's $30 per month more than the 10GB Home bundle, which comes to a difference of $720 over 24 months. When you hold that up against the $1026 you'd spend on an unbundled Foxtel Essentials package over that same period, it's a saving of $306.

To sweeten the deal, Telstra is also including a $200 JB Hi-Fi voucher for all Entertainer Supreme subscribers before June 30.

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