Vodafone puts customers first with NBN plans

22 August 2017

Vodafone will enter the NBN market later this year with several initiatives aimed at giving its new customers a smooth transition from their existing service, and guarantees for if they are not happy.

As with its postpaid mobile service, Vodafone will include a 30-day Network Satisfaction Guarantee will all new NBN connections, offering to refund a customer’s access fees if they opted for a 24-month contract but decide to cancel the service in the first month. Customers will need to return the Vodafone WiFi Hub to a store to receive the refund.

Customers will also be setup with a new MyVodafone account when they order the NBN, and will have access to a MyVodafone app on which that can track the progress of a new connection between the time they order it and its activation. The app will let customers know when they can expect technicians, and if they are required to be home on these days. 

While waiting for the activation to occur, and tracking this with the MyVodafone app, customers will be sent a Vodafone WiFi Hub and will be able to use a 4G mobile broadband service until the NBN is connected at their home.

Vodafone’s General Manager of Broadband Matthew Lobb (pictured above) describes these features as “game changers” for the industry and said the ideas for each come from speaking with their customers.

“We’ve been spending time with customers and discussing what are the easy and simple solutions to what have been enduring frustrations when it comes to fixed broadband,” said Lobb.

“The 4G backup came from customer consultation, it was actually a customer workshop where someone said, you’ve got a 4G network why don’t you provide a backup service.”

Beyond the sign up and activation, Vodafone will use the first 15 days of a new service to monitor the real-world speed that a customer experiences, and will then contact the customer to discuss whether the service they are selected is the right one, including suggesting a lower speed tier plan if the line isn’t capable of consistently delivering what a customer is paying for.

That said, Vodafone will be actively pushing the faster NBN products where appropriate in an effort to showcase what the NBN is capable of; something Lobb believes the rest of the industry is neglecting to do.

“Customers are being migrated to these plans and not being informed about what the opportunities are. We typically think for a small household that a 25[Mbps] plan will give them an improved service over legacy DSL, but the problem to date is that the market is not probably presenting the speed choices for customers.” he said, referring to most NBN providers focusing on the slowest, lowest priced plan options.

“We will be offering ‘basic nbn’ which is based on the NBN 12 product, but we won’t be actively promoting that product because we don’t think that’s super fast broadband, and we want to offer customers a better broadband experience and not more of the same.”

Pricing for the new Vodafone NBN services has been announced, with availability slated for later this year. 

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