Vodafone’s new 4G modem is as cute as it is powerful

21 January 2015

Vodafone has added the Huawei LTE Cube to it’s mobile broadband range, and boy oh boy is it a cutie.

The LTE Cube stands 11cm tall, is covered in glossy white plastic and wouldn’t look out of place in any modern living room. It looks like a giant iPhone power adapter, if you use your imagination.

The Cube gives off a neon blue light from the top of the unit, meaning it could double as a night light for dark-tortured kiddies in a pinch. Thankfully the glowing beacon can be switched off without turning the whole modem off.

Remarkably, it is capable of connecting 32 devices to the internet simultaneously — four-times as many devices as most mobile broadband WiFi modems. It is 4G LTE-ready, as you’d expect from Vodafone, and it shares its data over the 802.11n WiFi protocol.

Setting up the Cube is a pleasantly easy experience, in that there is no setup up to speak of. There's no desktop client to download and install; you just plug the Cube in and look for it in your available WiFi connections. Advanced users can tinker about with settings through a browser window, if necessary.

Vodafone is charging $159 for the WiFi Cube, or spreading the cost out over the life of a mobile broadband contract. $5 per month will get you the WiFi Cube on a $20 plan over 24-months, or its comes free on two-year plans of $65 or more.

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