Amaysim aims to keep NBN simple

27 February 2017

Amaysim has announced new NBN plans, launching soonish, with a focus on keeping it easy to understand.

Rather than a offering a multitude of combinations of speed and data, amaysim will stick the simple philosophy behind its mobile phone plans, and all plans will include unlimited data.

The choice for customers then is about how fast you want your connection to be: with 12Mbps for $60 per month, 25Mbps for $70 or 100Mbps for $90 per month.

Even better, all amaysim plans will be no-contract and have no activation fees — a big point of difference in the Australian broadband landscape.

“Unlike most of our competitors, there will be no hidden fees on amaysim nbn broadband plans… With our plans, what you see is what you get” said Rob Appel, amaysim’s Commercial Director of Broadband.

Customers can BYO their own nbn-compatible modem if they have one, or buy one from amaysim. The price and model of this modem has yet to be announced.

Amaysim plans to have these NBN plans available “within 90 days”. You can register for more information on the amaysim website.

House Image via Shutterstock

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