iiNet cans Fetch TV following TPG buyout

27 August 2015

Fetch TV is no longer a bundle option for customers of the iiNet family, with the pay-TV option being pulled shortly after the acquisition of iiNet by TPG.

A Fetch TV page still exists on the websites of ISPs iiNet, Internode, Westnet and Adam Internet, but all now show a message directing Fetch TV customers to self-service accounts using the MyAccount menu option on the set-top box.

In a statement to Mumbrella, Fetch TV’s CEO Scott Lorsen suggested that the lost of iiNet as a partner should do little to slow down recent growth for the TV service, saying that “nearly 95% of our growth [is] currently coming from other partners”. These partners include rival ISPs Optus and Dodo.

Nonetheless, the move has been seen as abrupt, and for some customers, a sign of things to come for the iiNet family under new management. Whirlpool forum members started a new thread following the announcement, with the OP asking “where fellow iiNode refugees are planning on going when TPG plunges our formerly beloved ISPs into the murky depths of barely-acceptable congestion and abstract routing tables?”

Industry expert Renai LeMay posted a similar sentiment on Delimiter yesterday, following the announcement.

“The ink is NOT EVEN DRY on TPG’s acquisition of iiNet, and it is already cancelling products and starting to harmonise iiNet’s product offering with that of its own. This is a simply remarkable decision and illustrates precisely the path that TPG is likely to take with iiNet and its subsidiary brands,” wrote LeMay.

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