OVO launches $100 100GB mobile broadband plan to combat NBN frustrations

05 September 2017

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Tiny telco OVO today took the wraps off a new top-end mobile broadband plan offering 100GB of data for $100 per 30-day recharge. Pricing equates to $1 per gigabyte, which is makes it one of the cheapest data only plans around based on data-per-dollar.

OVO CEO Matt Jones says the company introduced the new 100GB as a response to frustrations around NBN.

"Despite the billions being spent on upgrading Australia's fixed broadband infrastructure, it remains slow and expensive by international standards," said Jones. "I speak as one of the many, many Australians who are sick of hearing about why that is and who's to blame − we just want it to work, where and when we want it."

"I often refer to Akamai's State of the 'Internet Report' which ranks us 50th in the world for average broadband speed at 7.7Mbps, and by contrast, we rank 7th in the world for mobile broadband speed with an average of 15.7Mbps."

Jones says that more than 30% of OVO's customer base are purchasing large data SIMs as part of their package, but have still requested higher inclusion plans.

"Even though we have 50GB and 70GB plans on the market, there's a general consensus that at 100GB you've covered the needs of a home on average," said Jones.

While Jones concedes that fixed broadband plans offer higher data allowances, he believes the majority of Australians won't use more than 100GB per month.

"Obviously one of the advantages of fixed broadband is allowances can be unlimited, but frankly, the vast majority of people don't need more than 100GB per month," said Jones. "So for those people, provided they're in a good 4G area, [mobile broadband is an] ideal product for them."

In addition to the 100GB mobile broadband plan, OVO is launching a speed test website it calls "Not Bloody Necessary". The site is designed to test both fixed broadband and mobile broadband speeds, and after enough information has been gathered, OVO plans to publish a comparison between average fixed and mobile speeds for individual suburbs in Australia.

OVO's data-only plans are as follows:

  • Small Mobile Broadband
  • 50GB Mobile Broadband
  • $59.95
  • Large Mobile Broadband
  • 100GB Mobile Broadband
  • $69.95

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