Stop killing your plants: Parrot's self-watering flower pot launching in Australia

30 September 2016

Parrot's self-watering flower pot - the creatively named Parrot Pot - is finally set to hit Australian stores in October at a recommended retail price of $229.95. The Pot's reservoir can store 2.2 litres of water, which should be enough to keep most plants moist for up to a month.

In addition to measuring soil moisture, the Pot will monitor fertiliser levels, ambient temperature, and light intensity. It will cross reference this information with a database of over 8,000 plants, and then provide you with specific alerts tailored to your varietal. For example, when you need to add more fertiliser, or when your plant needs to be moved for optimal light.

The Pot will use this information to work out exactly how much water your plant needs and the ideal time to give it a drink. Alternatively, a secondary "plant sitter" mode will conserve water for up to one month, in case no one is around to top up the Pot's reservoir. The Pot also has two custom modes for green thumbs, offering more control over when the plant is watered.

While the Parrot Pot could be considered a smart home appliance, it's actually driven by Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi. As such, you'll need an iOS or Android device to get the Pot up and running.

The Pot requires four AA batteries, which should provide about 12 months of battery life.

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