Belong Internet Plans Review

22 February 2017

Belong Internet Plans Review

Owned by Telstra, but operated as a separate business, Belong Broadband has internet at prices we can only dream Telstra would offer. Its basic product offering mingles among some of the cheapest plans in market.

But it is a basic product offering. Belong offer fixed-line ADSL and NBN plans only. There’s no Foxtel bundles, no Netflix streaming offers, no international calls or rewards programs. You can opt in for a home phone service, though.

Belong call this ‘Belong Voice’ and it is quite unique. Rather than sending you a phone handset, you download an app to your phone or tablet and make/receive all your calls through the app. It’s unorthodox, but it makes sense when you think about it. Why have two phones when you already own one?

Belong Breakdown

  • Simple plan structures
  • Broadband only option if you have a Telstra phone line
  • Fast NBN 100 plans available
  • Part of the Telstra family
  • No extras to speak of
  • Bundle phone plans are strange
  • Only ADSL and NBN options

We've put together a checklist of features and options available on Belong plans. Below is a snapshot of what is available but you'll find the full breakdown at the bottom of this page.

How we rate Belong
Plan Features Basics only
Customer Service Full range of options
Value for money Decent prices
Technologies available ADSL & NBN only

How Belong compares on pricing

For a company owned by the most expensive internet provider in the country, Belong does a very good job of staying price competitive. It goes toe-to-toe with the real cut-price ISPs and comes very close at the key price points. It is never the absolute cheapest, but Belong plans are cheap enough to stay in consideration for even the most ardent price hounds.

The best deals are on 12-month contacts, Belong's longest contract term. Typically you'll save a small amount each month by signing a contract, and you'll dodge all setup costs, so while the savings might seem small, they do add up over the course of the year long contract term.

Belong ADSL2+ Plan Comparison
Carrier Plan inclusions Pricing
Telstra 500GB Data $80/mo
Optus Unlimited Data $80/mo
TPG Unlimited Data $59.99/mo
Belong1000GB Data $70/mo
How Much ShouldYouExpect To Pay?
ADSL2+ From $35 Compare
NBN From $50 Compare

Available internet technologies

Belong sell only ADSL2+ and NBN services. Luckily, these are the services who connect to most homes in Australia. Run an address search here to see what's available for you.

ADSL2+: maximum download speed 24Mbps

Still the most popular internet connection in Australia, ADSL2+ is a great choice for most homes waiting for the NBN to be connected. The only major caveat with ADSL2+ is that you need to have an active phone line to use it. You don’t need to pay for a home phone service, but you do need to pay for line rental - though this is often bundled into the total cost of your plan. Belong does offer a Broadband Only service for people who already have a Telstra home phone service.

NBN: maximum download speed 100Mbps

Belong offers NBN services to homes connected to the new network, but unlike other providers, Belong doesn’t offer four speed tiers. It skips the medium speed option, and offers 12Mbps, 25Mbps and 100Mbps. The price from each steps up in neat increments: an extra $10 from 12 to 25, then another $20 from 25 to 100.

What to keep in mind when comparing Belong

  • $0 activation fees- this one is for the bargain hunters. All Belong plans include free setup. Though, you will have to pay for a modem on a no-contract plan.
  • ADSL & NBN Only- If you're after ADSL or NBN (and most people are) Belong has great deals. But if you're after anything else; Naked DSL, Mobile Broadband, etc; then you'll need to look elsewhere.
  • Belong Voice is... weird - a home phone without a home phone? Belong Voice works using an app on your smartphone or tablet. It's unconventional and it won't be for everyone, but there is merit in the concept.
Want to contact Belong?
Twitter @LetsBelong
Sales or Service
1300 BELONG (1300 235 664)
Contact Page
Apps iPhone, Android

Beyond the facts and figures, you probably have questions about Belong. Below is some of the questions we're asked most, but if you'd like to know something else, get in touch.

Questions we're asked about Belong
Like most broadband providers, Belong shares equipment owned by Telstra, Optus and others. Run an address search here to see.
You only need an active landline for an ADSL2+ connection, because data is transferred across the old copper phone lines. You don't need a phone line for any other connection type, including the NBN, but you can bundle one if you need it.
So long as the modem is compatible, you should be able to. For example, you will need a VDSL modem for the NBN, but many older ADSL modems don't support this, so you might need to upgrade. Belong offer a free modem on a number of their plans, which is a good option to take up.
Yes, in most cases there are no problems moving your number to a new service.
Belong, like all other internet service providers, will throttle the speed of a connection when you reach the data limit. You can still use the internet but you'll find it is much slower. Cheaper Belong plans have data split into Peak and Off-Peak time slots, so you might find that you use one element of your plan faster than the other.
How we rate Belong

We've created a checklist of features to help benchmark what each provider offers its customers and what you can expect.

Anytime Data on all plans
Usage Monitoring Apps
Online account management
No contract options
$0 setup fee options
Discount for bundled mobile plan
Modems - fixed line internet
Modems - Mobile broadband
Home phone bundles
Pay TV bundles
All ADSL plans include line rental Broadband Only option available
Discounted international calls
Included international calls
Rewards programs
Customer discount benefits
Data-free media streaming
This checklist is created by the telco experts in the WhistleOut team and includes plan features available in market
Customer Forum or Blog
Twitter account
Manned Twitter account
Facebook account
Manned Facebook account
Brick & Mortar Stores for support
24 hours phone support
Usage monitoring apps
iOS and Android
Naked DSL
Cable internet
NBN Fixed Line
NBN Fixed Wireless
NBN Satellite
Mobile Broadband

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