Affordable 4G: plans with speed and savings

06 November 2015

4G mobile broadband speeds are the latest and greatest in internet connectivity for mobile phones, but you might be surprised to learn that it won’t cost you extra to take advantage of the huge speed boost. In fact, you might even save some money switching to one of these plans.

Jeenee Mobile

Network: Optus 4G

Jeenee is a network with a difference. Not only does it offer fast 4G service at affordable prices, but it is actually a not-for-profit organisation tasked with providing important mobile phone services to people living with a disability.

Every new customer who signs up with Jeenee Mobile automatically contributes towards providing a free phone and service for someone with a disability who needs it. Just 10 people signing up to Jeenee’s $35 Plan in a month is enough to donate a free service.


Network: Optus 4G

It used to be that you had to look to the smaller network brands to find high-value 4G offerings, but not so anymore. Year on year, Optus has improved its suite of plans so that now all plans come with unlimited calls and SMS, regardless of price.

Customers looking for international calls should also consider Optus, with a couple of plans now including unlimited calls to 32 countries. You have to choose the higher cost options, but this is excellent value regardless.

You can also choose to share your data with multiple devices, like a tablet or USB modem along with your phone. There are no special plans or costs involved, just choose your plans and all the data included is pooled.


Network: Optus 4G

Amaysim is Australia's largest MVNO, with over 700,000 subscribers, and there is a good reason for this. Not only does Amaysim offer excellent value for money (as you can see above) but it also has one of the best reputations in the market for prompt customer service delivered by its call centre in Sydney.

Big data lovers should keep an on Amaysim, too. New Unlimited plan options now include huge data inclusions.


Network: Vodafone 4G

Vodafone offer some of the cheapest options for when you buy a new phone on a contract, but if you already have a phone, it also offers great SIM-only deals as well.

All Vodafone plans are now called 'Red Plans' and deliver unlimited calls, unlimited messages and a generous data inclusion, plus you get access to its $5 Red Roaming overseas rates, too. This is a great option for travellers on a budget as they plan for a big trip abroad.

Boost Mobile

Network: Telstra 4G

If you're looking to get on the Telstra 4G network. but not looking to pay Telstra prices, then Boost is your best bet, for now. It will soon be joined by all Telstra network MVNOs (by June 2016) but in the interim, Boost deserves a look-in.

It's simple to compare Boost's plans too. There is only two options: a $20 and $40 option, but for our money only the $40 option should be considered.

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