Australia’s cheapest Samsung Galaxy S5 plans

17 August 2016

The smartphone market is like a busy airpot terminal. Handsets, like passengers, constantly coming and going. Now sooner do we spot a phone we love then it is superseded by the ‘next big thing’. 

Despite this furious pace, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the few phones to not only withstand the test of time technologically, but remain as popular now as it was when it was first released. In fact, at the time of writing, the Galaxy S5 is the fifth most searched for phone in the WhistleOut database, beating out many newer phones for this position. 

Of course, the Galaxy S5 is now popular for entirely different reasons. It is no longer the bigger, brightest or fastest phone, with new models boasting enhancements in all areas. It is perhaps the best value phone available though. It still has a great, crisp screen, a fast processor and an excellent camera, regardless of the comparisons you could make. 

The Galaxy S5 is also much cheaper now than it was, with many of the major Aussie telcos turning to yesterday’s hero to be a lower cost alternative to the year’s best, and most expensive, new smartphones.

Here are the best Galaxy S5 available right now.

Cheapest Plans

This table shows the cheapest plan option for every carrier currently selling the Galaxy S5

Big Data under $80

If you want a lot of data included in your plan, here are the plans again ordered by the most data first. With these plans, the phone is almost always free.

Why we love the Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 has been a favourite of ours since it was first released at the start of 2014, and there are still a couple still in use in the WhistleOut office. 

  • First and foremost, it feels great. It is slim and light weight and not as large as some other newer models. 
  • It was one of the first waterproof phones.
  • Brilliant screen, even if it isn't as high resolution as models that have come since.
  • Fast Android experience.
  • Telstra Blue Tick, meaning it has superior coverage in regional areas of Australia

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