Mobile Plans with Student Discounts

09 February 2017

Between studying, working, paying rent and finding time and energy for your student days to be “the best time of your life”, it’d be nice to think that someone would give you a break and a bit of a discount.

When it comes to your monthly mobile phone bill, there are a few discounts on offer, but to be honest, not as many as we’d like to see.


The telco brave enough to use ‘Yes’ as a slogan do indeed say yes to having a student discount. 

  • 10% off all SIM Only plans
  • 10% off all phone plans

The phone plans deal is the best option here because the discount is off the total monthly price so you are getting 10% off the price of the phone too. We don't have the discounted plans in our database, but here are a few examples of standard Optus prices which you can apply the 10% discount to using your brain meat.

Visit Optus Student Hub


If you’ve ever seen Vodafone advertising you’ll know that it loves talking to (or targeting) the youngsters. It’s no surprise then that Vodafone also have a student offer.

  • 10% off selected Red Plans of $50 and over
  • Vodafone has far fewer options compared with Optus, and while the discount can be used on a new phone plan, the 10% is only deducted from the cost of the phone plan, not the new iPhone. 

Virgin Mobile

Virgin doesn't have an ongoing student discount or a 'student centre' page on its website, but there a promotion running until March 29, 2017

  • SIM Only on a 12-month contract: unlimited calls, SMS and 15GB data for $45 per month.

This is an outrageously good deal if you're looking for a plan with a lot of data. And you should be, given that you can share the data with another device, like a laptop, using the personal hotspot feature on your phone.

See this Virgin Mobile Plan


Telstra has a great discount for students who bring their own phone and are happy with a short contract.

  • SIM Only on a 12-month contract: unlimited calls, SMS and 10GB data for $40 per month. Plus, unlimited calls and SMS to 10 countries.

10GB on the fast Telstra 4GX network is great, the international inclusions are the icing on the cake. This plan is much better than any other deal Telstra has running. Unfortunately, you have to be a member of a site called UNiDAYS to sign up for it, but for students this probably isn't a big deal.

Visit the Telstra Student Lounge

But here’s the thing…

The 10% discounts offered by Optus and Vodafone are OK, but if it’s worth looking at some of the smaller providers for high value plans. They don’t sell new phones, but they do come packed with mobile data. Let’s assume you need at least 5GB of data per month and you don’t want to pay anymore than $50 per month. 

Compare phones and plans from the following carriers...



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