Amazon launches Aussie app store: freebies but no streaming movies

20 November 2013

Amazon has finally launched an Australian version of its popular app store for Android. Aussie customers have had access to the US version since May when the Kindle Fire HD tablets launched, but now there will be support for more local apps and prices will be in AU$. As an added perk, Aussie customers can download Amazon’s free daily Android app.

This news comes just a week after Amazon launched a local Kindle e-reader store for Australia.

How do I get it?

Downloading the Amazon App Store is pretty simple. Just go to on your Android device and follow the prompts. Be sure to duck in to your phone’s security settings and enable apps from ‘Unknown Sources’ before you try to download and install the file.

Alternatively, you can just use this QR code:

Once installed, you can download apps via a Mac or PC, or you can do it straight from your phone or tablet.

No Prime streaming

Unfortunately, Amazon hasn’t mentioned anything about Prime video content in its press release. Amazon Prime is the company’s subscription video service. It costs $79 per year in the US and gives members exclusive Amazon store deals, savings on shipping and products, and Prime Amazon video streaming content. This last factor is one of the main selling points for the Kindle Fire HD tablets in the US.

Prime Instant Video boasts thousands of TV and movie titles. Popular shows like Dr Who and Justified (two name but two) are available among many others.

This is yet another great video streaming service that isn’t available to Australians.

Instead of offering its own video content, Amazon has struck a deal with the Aussie streaming service Quickflix. New subscribers to Quickflix who sign up through Amazon will receive 6 weeks of free streaming, including access to a new movie section that will launch alongside this promotion.

This means Australians can get some streamed content, but Quickflix may have trouble filling the shoes of Amazon’s vast and popular service.

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