CES: LG steals display glory with futuristic mirror and window TVs

09 January 2014

Samsung may have giant/bendy TVs and a Michael Bay freakout at CES this year, but LG is showing off a few intense displays which could steal the show.

The two screens technologies on display are certainly not like traditional TVs; one is a mirror and the other is effectively a window. Both screens look like their non-tech counterparts until activated, upon which time they suddenly become something out of a ‘home of tomorrow’ concept.

Remember this video, or this one, or this? You may have seen these vids or tonnes of others just like them around the net. Videos like this are a dime-a-dozen and they always feature futuristic interfaces built in to items that are currently as non-tech as they can be with a definite focus on mirrors and windows.

We absolutely were not expecting to see this kind of thing in reality so soon and certainly not at CES. Hats off to LG this time around. Samsung may have some catching up to do.

Watch while you brush

LG’s display is a 55-inch 10-touch multitouch display. From the demonstrations we’ve seen it’s smooth, fast and responsive. It also presents impressively vibrant colours for a prototype and some pretty clear images.

Sporting a screen in your mirror could be pretty useful. As you’re going about your morning routine you can view weather forecasts, see upcoming appointments, view notifications or even read a headline or two.

The downside is that now you’ll have finger smears all over your mirror, but wiping it down a bit more often with glass cleaner is a fair price to pay in our books.

A window in to the internet

Transparent displays aren't as big a news story as you may think. In fact, LG has had them for a while now for business users.

In the home they're probably going to be a bit less useful than a mirror display. It’s not often you find yourself standing in front of a window for any period of time. If you do, it’s usually because you’re admiring the majesty of nature, so the last thing you’d want is a notification to pop up right in your face.

Still, if you can cram a display in to something that doesn’t have one, and do it efficiently and cheaply, then why not?

The efficient and cheap part probably won’t roll around until we have solid graphene tech, but at least LG is laying the groundwork in preparation for the Big-G revolution.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

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