CES: Samsung's curved UHD TV is a 105-inch monster

07 January 2014

Samsung today showed off a new bendable TV display that at the press of a button can be either flat or curved, depending on your mood.

Samsung’s recent focus on rigid curved 4K UHD displays has triggered some debate within the online community. Many people don’t see why you would want a curved TV, as it limits the angles from which the whole screen can be seen. Others love the idea because it means that it brings more of the picture out of your peripherals and in to direct view, thus allowing for larger TVs to be viewed from shorter distances.

The debate may soon be over thanks to this new concept.

The big screen in question utilises Samsung’s flexible display technology. This excites us more than the actual unit itself which is very thick and probably prohibitively expensive.

Also shown-off was Samsungs 2014 range of UHD TVs. These are both curved and flat to satisfy folks who can afford a non-transforming UHD TV, but not the shape-shifting kind. Sizes start at a 'mere' 50 inches, which was considered massive a few years ago, and go all the way up to a whopping 105 inches.

We don’t care how curved the 105 inch TV is, you’re going to need a pretty big lounge room if you’re going to cram a monster like that in to your house.

Exciting curves

For now, we don’t foresee Samsung’s first transforming TV to be a massive success. Don’t get us wrong, we see curve-able screens being a potential standard one day. Once they’re thin, affordable and attractive they would be a good option for optimising lounge room and even computer screen setups. You could save valuable space at home or work by slightly curving your two or three-screen PC setup.

For now we’ll leave them to the ultra tech-adopters with limitless wallets while we focus on the fact that Samsung has finally unveiled a consumer product with real flexible display tech.

There’s probably still a ways to go before we see the bendy screens make their way in to smartphones and tablets. Even so, it’s always awesome to see progress towards a much more drop-proof device future.

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