Four iPhone Apps for finding out what’s on in Sydney

17 December 2013

As a local, it’s easy to totally miss all the fun events and activities in your home city. It’s also difficult to know where to get started when it comes to researching cool stuff to do. You might be happy to do a few hours of online trawling for holiday entertainment, but when you’re just looking for a fun Saturday activity you don’t want to waste your time.

As a result most people end up thinking their own city is boring or without personality. Hogwash! Your city is awesome and we’re going to prove it to you.

Lucky for you there are some great little apps for figuring out what’s going on in Sydney. We grabbed four very different apps to help fill your down-time. If you live elsewhere in Australia don’t worry: most of these apps work across all major Aussie cities.

TimeOut Sydney

TimeOut is dedicated to showing you upcoming and current events in Sydney.

It’s a fantastic app that allows you to choose between Restaurants, Bars, family stuff, music gigs, Art, Theatre, shopping and general entertainment.

Where TimeOut manages to set itself apart from most “stuff to do” apps is that it includes a pretty wide range of short-term current events. This means it’s great for locals and tourists alike.

The on-now and upcoming events are generally found under the Around Town & Kids, Gigs nearby and Arts & Theatre nearby sections.

The Restaurants and Bars sections are also useful. They use your GPS location to figure out close-by eateries and drinking houses. Suggestions are complete with star rankings and the distance between you and them.


If you’re more artistically-inclined then you may want to check out Artwhatson. Far from Sydney-specific, Artwhatson covers all of the fair land of Aus.

Choosing NSW gave us 82 different exhibits just for the day we checked. Each exhibit comes complete with information as to the art, artist and gallery. Location information is readily accessed and there’s even a map button. This unfortunately uses Apple maps instead of Google Maps, but it’s still a handy little feature.

It’s an elegantly laid-out map with a simplistic and appealing design. We kind of wish its creators would spread their wings a bit and cover more than just the art scene. The App Store could use more apps of this calibre.

The Happiest Hour

The Happiest Hour is a pure drinks & food app. It’s the culmination of a brilliantly simple idea that shows you all the current happy hours & meal deals in proximity to you. Results are displayed on a map with you at the centre, but you can swipe around to get a better view.

Tapping on each result shows the name of the bar and a quick summary of the available cheap deals. It’s a worthy addition to any socialite’s arsenal and a must-have for pub-crawls, impromptu gatherings and quick, cheap catch-ups with friends.

Trip Advisor

Sometimes you need to look at your own city from an outsider’s perspective.

Trip Advisor is a well-known source for folks who are planning holidays and want to find out fun activities in the cities they’re visiting. So why not use it to check out your own city?

Most of the more awesome activities on Trip Advisor require planning in advance, so don’t expect to pick this up on a whim and find something to do.

If you’re more forward-thinking, however, then you’ll be surprised how many great activities happen every day right under your nose.

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