Kogan bringing Black Friday madness to Australia, starting tonight

28 November 2013

From midnight tonight, Kogan will start up its Aussie Black Friday sales.

The deals start at $1 with free shipping, as well as other deals up to 80% off, including Kogan-branded TVs, kitchen appliances and loads of accessories.

Black Friday has become a huge and almost scary part of American culture. It’s the day after Thanksgiving where US retailers drop their prices by insane amounts, usually causing a riot or two and occasionally physical altercations between shoppers.

Cyber Monday, the Monday after Black Friday, has become the day for tech vendors to hawk their wares online and in-store for similarly cheap prices.

Obviously, Kogan has decided it is a good idea to start madness up down-under.

Setting the trend

The concept of Black Friday deals coming to Australia is as exciting as it is terrifying. Anyone who’s ever watched a YouTube clip of how out-of-hand things get, or read an article about some poor shopper getting trampled will know what we mean.

Judging by how Aussie retailers have traditionally reacted to competition, we can see them picking up Kogan’s challenge but not ever to the extremes we see from their US counterparts.

So long as we can keep things dignified down-under we see no problems with some solid pre-Christmas deals starting at the end of November, instead of the week before the big day.

Just because we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving doesn’t mean we should miss out on cheap tech, right?

About Kogan

Kogan is a tech retailer that deals directly with product manufacturers to buy tech in bulk on the cheap. This way it can give its Aussie customers a low price while still offering high quality goods.

Right now Kogan is probably the most affordable phone and tablet vendor in Australia, often offering top-tier devices for well under the RRP. For example, you can even grab the HTC One for $559 right now – a phone that usually goes for around $699.

The best news is, being an Australian vendor Kogan has to offer a 12 month warranty as part of the product’s price, so you won’t get done by hidden charges like you can with other discount tech sites.

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