Vodafone deals on offer in the lead-up to Christmas

13 November 2014

Vodafone is offering deals on its phone plans ranging from modest to downright tempting across its range. Some of these campaigns went live a little over a week ago and have since been tweaked, others are freshly picked today.

Free Spotify, bonus data and discounted access fees on Red Plans

A short while ago, Vodafone added Spotify Premium inclusions to all of its Red Plans. This will save you a good $11.99 per month if you’re already a subscriber. If you’re not signed up to premium, or even a Spotify user, it’s a great opportunity to try the ad-free service out. Better still, because the included membership is Premium, you can download songs to your devices, so you won’t have to eat through your data cap by streaming everything live.

This is a great promotion that no other major provider in Australia has offered yet, although it should be noted that any music streamed via Spotify will count towards your monthly usage allowance.

On top of Spotify there are also bonus data inclusions and months of free access ranging from 1-3 months.

$70 Red Plan

  • 6 months Spotify Premium access
  • 1GB bonus data for the life of the plan
  • One month of free regular access fees

$80 Red Plan

  • 12 months Spotify Premium access
  • 1GB bonus data for the life of the plan
  • One month of free regular access fees

$100 Red Plan

  • 24 months Spotify Premium access
  • 2GB bonus data for the live of the plan
  • 3 months of free regular access fees

Vodafone is still running its Data Workout campaign until January 1 next year. Data Workout gives you unlimited data the first two months, after which you can choose to upgrade if you find your chosen data allowance wouldn’t cover your usage. This is available jointly with the inclusions above.

Bonus 500MB for 12 months on Classic Plans

Right now on the regular $30, $40, $50 and $60 phone plans, Vodafone will give you 500MB of bonus data per month for the first 12 months. Keep in mind that these plans carry a 24 month commitment.

SIM-only plans

SIM-only plans don’t carry an ongoing commitment – you can quit anytime. However, if you sign up to one now you’ll get the following bonus inclusions, so long as you don’t unsubscribe at any point while the inclusions last.

Vodafone offers $5 daily roaming on these plans, so they’re a great option if you’re about to go travelling.

$5 roaming means you pay $5 per day and get unfettered access to your plan in 47 countries. You don’t pay any extra other than that $5. If you don’t use your phone on any day, then you won’t be charged. Just make sure you keep it switched to flight mode any day where you don’t think you’ll need it to avoid the fee.

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