Vodafone says sorry, gives customers free unlimited data all weekend

20 June 2014

Are you a Vodafone customer still steaming from yesterday’s loss of network service? Finally, some good news: Vodafone wants to say sorry for the drama by giving you a whole weekend of free, unlimited data use.

From midnight tonight (Friday, June 20) through until 3 a.m. Monday, June 23, all Vodafone customers – both postpaid and prepaid – will be able to download, browse, stream and connect to their heart’s content, without any of their data use impacting their monthly plan allowance.

The free data weekend is part of Vodafone’s apology for yesterday’s network issues, which saw customers nation-wide being unable to call, text or use data for several hours.

What happened?

In a statement released by Vodafone’s Chief Technology Officer, Benoit Hanssen, the service interruption was revealed to have stemmed from a transmission network failure in Western Australia on Thursday morning. As Vodafone technicians worked to restore service to WA customers, issues arose which affected customers nation-wide.

Vodafone claimed to have fixed most of the problems by 4pm yesterday afternoon, with data service in Western Australia back to normal by 6.30pm. However, Vodafone’s blog was still showing complaints at 10pm last night from customers who were continuing to experience difficulty making and receiving calls and texts, as well as using their phone’s data connection.

The telco says it is ‘investigating’ the cause of the issue to ensure customers aren’t put in the same situation in the future. But despite issuing a public apology, and inviting customers to enjoy free data to try and compensate for yesterday’s frustration, Vodafone’s blog and social media pages are still being flooded by complaints from unhappy customers who want credit, not data.

'Making things right'

We can understand the irritation at going an afternoon without mobile service, and for business customers, a credit may be more beneficial in helping to address any potential loss of revenue caused by the network failure. But personal customers need to remember that no mobile network can guarantee 100% perfect service at all times.

While we’re unashamedly pro-customer, Vodafone is under no obligation to offer its affected users any free services or credit to make up for an afternoon of interrupted reception – so the free data offer is a pretty decent gesture.

Add to that the fact that there will be many customers planning to go on a downloading, streaming and tethering frenzy this weekend after hearing the news, and we really can’t criticise Vodafone’s attempt to make things right for the percentage of customers that were affected.

If you’re a Vodafone user still experiencing service issues, the company is advising you to reset your device to get you back on the Vodafone network. Vodafone has provided a troubleshooting guide here.

But for outraged Vodafone customers who are ready to move to a different telco, you can browse all of our mobile phone plans here.

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